jour·ney·wo·man    |    \ ˈjər-nē-wʊ-mən \

JourneyWoman is an umbrella project for some of Alex’s individual projects, such as singing in caves and climbing Scafell Pike dressed as Dorothy Wordsworth.

A Journeyman is an apprentice who, in medieval times, travelled from place to place in order to learn and hone their craft. At the end of three years and a day they presented their “masterwork” to guilds in order to become a master craftsman.

Alex is undertaking her own creative journey as a JourneyWoman for the three years and a day; finish date will be 12th July 2021.
There will be a variety of documenting, both digital and “in the real world”.


Alex is a Contemporary Visual and Fine Artist living in Cumbria. She has over 25 years in creative practice and uses her response to her surroundings to explore our different relationships with the land. Alex has also been delivering courses and workshops, and runs creative projects both in schools and in the community. Alex is also available for commissions, graphical recording, and as an artist in residence.

Alex’s other sites include Charcoal Horse and Equine Awareness.


Being Dorothy

(Part of This Girl Did, exhibition: Dorothy Wordsworth and Women Mountaineers at the Wordsworth Trust)

Alex uses her response to her surroundings to explore our different relationships with the land.

She became interested in the idea of (quite literally) walking in Dorothy’s footsteps, to see how her own practice might be influenced by some of the same themes:

If I walked in the same places, wore the same clothes, felt the weather, saw the same folds of the fells, read her writings and generally immersed myself in Dorothy’s surroundings, what artwork might I produce?

Alex will dress as Dorothy Wordsworth in walking dress of the early 19th century, and re-walk Dorthy’s ascent of Scafell Pike exactly 200 years after Dorothy and her friend Mary Barker did. The role of Mary Barker will be taken by Harriet Fraser.

This Girl Did is supported by the Wordsworth Trust.

Painting with Song

People have sung, probably in caves, since before there was language. So we communicated with each other, and with the cave, through song. Sometimes they were songs that have been written, sometimes it was just notes going back and forth and painting their own pictures.

So, on 9th September 2018, Alex and musician Barbara Gilbertson painted with song in Rydal Cave.